Ms. or. 347

Common data
↳ current Ms. or. 347
↳ alternate URN: urn:nbn:de:bsz:15-0
Dataset type composite manuscript
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Ms. or. 347b
Content and history of the book
Language Arabic
Alphabet Arabic
Region Islamic world / MENA region
Ownership statements f. 1r:
Nūr al-Dīn al-Rūmī al-Qādirī al-Ṣāḥibī with seal stamp
Notes piece of paper between the doublure of the front cover and f. Ir:
note dated 950/
Physical description
Composite manuscript 2 parts
↳ Material Oriental brown leather binding with fore-edge flap, envelope flap and stamped central almond-shaped medallios with pendants; doublures covered with green paper
↳ State of preservation in mediocre condition; some parts of the leather worn and threadbare; edges of the covers burst open; spine renewed
Writing material  
↳ Material paper
↳ Colour yellowish-white
↳ Watermarks f. 3, 14:
four-leafed clover
f. 12:
ff. 67-68, 70:
↳ State of preservation thick; smooth; penetrating regular chain and laid line pattern; slight dirt and ink stains
Number of folios I-II, 113, III-IV; f. 6r, 7r, 113v blank; ff. 12-19, 109 come off the binding
↳ Style Naskh
↳ Ink black
Author of record Wiesmueller
Location University Library of Leipzig
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