Ms. or. 379b

Common data
↳ current Ms. or. 379b
↳ alternate old classmark: 31b/96
other identification: Preißler I.31b
Dataset type single text of composite manuscript
Link to manuscript collection Ms. or. 379
Content and history of the book
Language Persian
Alphabet arabic
↳ Short form هلالي
↳ Established name [بدر الدين چغتائي أستربادي هلالي]
[Badr al-Dīn Chaghatā’ī Astarabādī Hilālī]
↳ Date of death 936/ or
↳ Place of activity Herat
↳ Bibliographic information EI2 III/388; IL 276; LHP IV ; Kamāl ʽAynī, Badruddin Hiloli. Stalinabad 1957
↳ in Ms. غير مذكور
not given
↳ Established form ديوان هلالي
Dīwān-i Hilālī
↳ Versions ديوان هلالي چغتائي
ديوان مولانا هلال
ديوان مولانا هلالي چغتائي
Dīwān-i Hilālī-i Chaghatā’ī
Dīwān-i Mawlānā Hilālī
Dīwān-i Mawlānā Hilālī-i Chaghatā’ī
Completeness cannot be determined
Subject matter poetry
Content Collection of the poems of Hilālī.
Notes Persian pagination in pencil
f. VI:
entry written in a modern hand with information on the title of the work and the copyist?
f. 1r:
calligraphic exercises
ff. 1b-5r:
introduction to the diwan of Ḥāfiẓ (part 1 of the MS) by Muḥammad Gulandām (s. EI2 III/56, Eilers-Heinz no. 15, Götz III no. )
ff. 82r-164v, frameborder:
author of the poems could not be established so far
Further copies Berlin (Eilers-Heinz) no. 26
Berlin (Pertsch IV) no. 79/3, 674/38
New Delhi, Library of Aiwan Ghalib, Acc. no. 2962 (s.
Munich (Aumer II) no. 108
Oxford (Sachau, Ethé) no.
Teheran, National Library (Abdollah Anwar) no. 290/2
Uppsala (Zetterstéen) no. 457
Editions Cawnpore /1865, /1878, /1883, /1901, /1912
Lahore /1899, 1321/1903 1333/1914
Lucknow 1263/1847
Teheran 1337sh/1958, 1362sh/1983
Physical description
Composite manuscript 2 parts; p. 2
Writing material  
↳ Material paper
↳ Colour yellowish-white
↳ State of preservation thick; very smooth; laid line pattern; slight dirt, ink and water stains; sprinkled with gold within the text area
Number of folios ff. 6v-81v
Dimensions 23.2 x 13.6 cm
Text area 20.5 x 10.2 cm (part 1 and 2)
part 2: within the frameborder surrounding the are in which is written p. 1
Number of lines 24
Catchwords none
↳ Style Nastaʽlīq
↳ Ink black
↳ Characteristics nastaʽlīq: in calligraphic style; tiny; delicate; densely written; for not exceeding the boundaries of the text area letters of the last word at the end of a line sometimes written above the line
naskhī: within the cartouches; in calligraphic style; in gold or blue; medium-sized; vocalized
Illumination text area, panels frame-ruled in gold and blue
text area divided into several panels: the main area with two text columns and cartouches for the headings contains part one of the MS
the broad frameborder running around the main panel contains part two of the MS with the text being written in diagonal lines, cartouches for the headings being for the most part blank, and three panels at the top, bottom and in the middle of the page towards the fold
f. 1v:
square panel with gold cartouches on a blue ground with floral scrolls
ff. 6v-7r:
symmetrically illuminated double page in gold and blue with hasp motifs and floral scrolls
Author of record Wiesmueller
Location University Library of Leipzig
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