Ms. or. 363

Common data
↳ current Ms. or. 363
↳ alternate II.16
Dataset type single manuscript
Acquisition : Date : 1996
Place : Amman
Purchaser : Leipzig University Library
Seller : private property
Notes : none
Content and history of the book
Language Arabic
Alphabet arabic
Ownership statements f. 1r:
seal stamp of Zayn al-Dīn al-Mutaṭayyib ? ibn al-Sayyid Muḥammad al-Ḥusaynī al-Shāfiʽī al-Ḥimṣī crossed through
reading note of ʽAbd al-Raḥmān al-Munūfī al-Shāfiʽī
deleted reading note with numbers
deleted ownership statement and another entry, both dated 1132/
↳ Short form Sharaf al-Dīn al-Jaghmīnī
شرف الدين الجغميني
↳ Established name f. 1r:
Sharaf al-Dīn [Maḥmūd ibn ʽUmar] al-Jaghmīnī (in MS: al-Jamghīnī)
ق 1أ:
شرف الدين [محمود بن عمر] الجغميني
(في المخطوطة: الجمغيني)
↳ Date of death after 618/ or 745/
↳ Bibliographic information EI2 II/; GAL I/457, 473 S I/826, 865 S II/213; Ḥājjī Khalīfah IV/495, no. 9347; MAL I/, no. 46; Kaḥḥālah XII/198; Ziriklī VII/
↳ in Ms. f. 1r:
Kitāb Qānūnjā
ق 1أ:
كتاب قانون جا
↳ Established form Qānūnjah fī al-ṭibb
القانونجه في الطب
↳ Versions Qānūnčah
Completeness fragment
Subject matter medicine
Content Abridged version in ten maqālahs of the medical canon al-Qānūn fī al-ṭibb by Abū ʽAlī al-Ḥusayn ibn ʽAbd Allāh Ibn Sīna (d. 428/1037; EI2 III/; GAL I/ S I/; GAS VI/, VII/; Ḥājjī Khalīfah IV/, no. 9354; Ziriklī II/). The text breaks off in the second faṣl of the third maqālah.
The question whether the author of the Qānūnjah is the well known astronomer Sharaf al-Dīn Maḥmūd ibn Muḥammad ibn ʽUmar al-Jaghmīnī al-Khwārizmī (EI2 II/377-37; GAL I/473 S I/865; Ziriklī VII/) or someone different as well as the question concerning his/their date of death (d. after 618/1221 or in 745/) have not been settled precisely. In Sellheim’s opinion the fact that only until the 8th/14 th century commentaries upon the Qānūnjah appeared argues for the assumption of two different persons. Besides several copies of the Qānūnjah (e.g. Ahlwardt no. 6293, Pertsch no. 1928; Loth no. ; our MS) contain neither author and title (see MAL I/, Nr. 46)
Chapter headings ff. 1v-4v:
المقالة الاولى [في] الامور الطبيعية
ff. 1v-2r:
الفصل الاول في الاركان والامزجة
ff. 2r-3r:
الفصل الثاني في الاخلاط
ff. 3r-3v:
الفصل الثالث في الاعضا
ff. 3v-4r:
الفصل الرابع في القوى
ff. 4r-4v:
الفصل الخامس في البقية الامور الطبيعية
ff. 4v-7r:
المقالة الثانية في التشريح
ff. 4v-5r:
الفصل الاول] في العظام]
ff. 5r-5v:
الفصل الثاني في بقية الاعضا المفردة
ff. 5v-6r:
الفصل الثالث في الاعضا المركبة من الدماغ والعين والاذنين
f. 6r:
الفصل الرابع في الرية والقلب
f. 6r:
الفصل الخامس في حجاب الصدر والعمدة والامعاء
ff. 6r-6v:
الفصل السادس في الكبد والمرارة والطحال
f. 6v:
الفصا السابع في بقية الاعضاء المركبة وهي الكليتان والعانة والانتيان والقضيب والرحم
f. 7r-7v:
المقالة الثالث في احوال بدن الانسان واسبابها والعلامات الدالة عليها
f. 7r:
الفصل الاول في الصحة والمرض
ff. 7r-7v:
الفصل الثاني في الاسباب الضرورية المغيرة لاحوال بدن الانسان والحافظة لها
Notes f. 1r:
title of the work, author’s name in a shortened form
in the margin:
text corrections in the copyist's hand
repetition of the division of chapters in red written in the copyist's hand
Further copies Alexandria, Municipal Library (Ziedan) I/no. 322
Berlin (Ahlwardt) no. 6293
Gotha (Pertsch I) no. 1928
Leiden (Voorhoeve) 264
London, India Office (Loth) no.
London, Wellcome Library (Serikoff) no. 427
Princeton, Garrett Collection (Mach) no. 4777
Princeton, New Series (Mach, Ormsby) no. 873
Teheran, National Library (Abdollah Anwar) IX/no. 1189, X/Nr. 1608/2 (Maḥmūd ibn Muḥammad Čaghmīnī Khwārizmī)
Editions Beirut 2002
Calcutta 1827
Translations Persian:
Qānūnčah dar ṭibb. Shiraz 1350š/1971
Physical description
Number of volumes 1
↳ Material new black artificial leather binding
↳ State of preservation well-preserved
Writing material  
↳ Material paper
↳ Colour yellowish-white
↳ State of preservation thick; smooth; laid pattern; leaf edges slightly frayed and torn; mildew and water stains
Number of folios I, 7, II
Dimensions 20.4 x 14 cm
Text area 15.5 x 10.5 cm
Number of lines varying: 20-26
Catchwords complete
↳ Style Naskh
↳ Ink black
↳ Characteristics ordinary handwriting; small; densely written; partly tending to the right side; headings overlined in red; the last letter of some of the headings marked in red
Author of record Wiesmueller
Location University Library of Leipzig
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