Ms. or. 322

Common data
↳ current Ms. or. 322
↳ alternate old classmark: 5/95
Dataset type single manuscript
Acquisition : Date : 17/11/1995
Place : Nuremberg
Purchaser : Leipzig University Library
Seller : Gingko Biloba Studios, Albert M. Seifert, Bergstr. 12, 90403 Nuremberg, Germany
Notes : none
Content and history of the book
Language Arabic
Alphabet arabic
↳ in Ms. غير مذكور
not given in the MS
↳ Established form القرآن
Completeness fragment
Incipit f. 1v:
surah 1
Explicit f. 11v:
surah 2:141
Subject matter Quranic text
Content Ottoman Koran containing surah 1 - surah 2:141.
Notes front cover:
on an affixed piece of paper, the name of surah 2
ff. Iv, IIIr:
note in Ottoman Turkish dated Rajab 1275/1859
Physical description
Number of volumes 1
↳ Material boards coverd with marbled paper; spine made of red leather
↳ State of preservation in mediocre condition
Writing material  
↳ Material paper
↳ Colour yellowish-brown
↳ Watermarks ff. 6, 7:
two letters, one of which a M
ff. 8, 11:
due to the trimming of the paper the pattern cannot be established properly
↳ State of preservation thick; smooth; penetrating regular chain and laid line pattern; slight dirt and water stains
Number of folios I-II, 11, III; f. 1r: blank
Dimensions 15,7 x 10,6 cm
Text area 10,1 x 5,4 cm
Number of lines 15; ff. 1v, 2r: 9
Catchwords complete
↳ Style Naskh
↳ Ink black
↳ Characteristics ordinary handwriting; small; densely written, tending to the left side; fully vocalized; surah headings highlighted in white; reading marks, the name of God and the prophets as well as other words in red
Illumination text area frame-ruled in gold and black; verses punctuated by gold circles
ff. 1v-2r:
symmetrically illuminated opening double page in gold, blue, red and green with a horizontal panel above and below the central area, and the whole surrounded by a broad frame with a lobed outline
Author of record Wiesmueller
Location University Library of Leipzig
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