Ms. or. 365

Common data
↳ current Ms. or. 365
↳ alternate II.11
Dataset type single manuscript
Acquisition : Date : 1996
Place : Amman
Purchaser : Leipzig University Library
Seller : private property
Notes : none
Content and history of the book
Language Arabic
Alphabet arabic
Date of copy f. 218v:1 Rajab 1278/2 January 1862
↳ Short form al-Anṭākī
↳ Established name f. 1r:
Dā’ūd [ibn ʽUmar al-Anṭākī al-Baṣīr]
ق 1أ:داود [بن عمر الأنطاكي البصير]
↳ Date of death 1008/
↳ Place of death Mecca
↳ Place of activity Cairo, Damascus, Mecca
↳ Bibliographic information EI2 I/516; GAL II/364 S II/; Kaḥḥālah IV/; Ziriklī II/
↳ in Ms. f. 1r, 2v:
Kitāb Tadhkirat ūlī al-albāb wa-al-jāmiʽ lil-ʽajab al-ʽujāb
ق 1أ, 2ب:
كتاب تذكرة اولي الألباب والجامع للعجب العجاب
↳ Established form Tadhkirat ūlī al-albāb wa-al-jāmiʽ lil-ʽajab al-ʽujāb
تذكرة اولي الألباب والجامع للعجب العجاب
↳ Versions Tadhkirat Dā’ūd
تذكرة داود
Completeness fragment
Subject matter medicine
Content al-Anṭākī’s system of medicine divided into an introduction (muqaddimah) four chapters (bāb) and a closing word (khātimah). The first chapter deals with medicine in general, the second one with the preperation of medicaments, the third chapter describes the simple and compound medicaments arranged alphabetically and the fourth one diseases also arranged in alphabetical order.
Al-Anṭākī did not finish the fourth chapter which was supplemented by one of his pupils under the title Dhayl Tadhkirat ūlī al-albāb wa-al-jāmiʽ lil-ʽajab al-ujāb (see Rieu. British Muesum, Suppl. ).
Our MS contains the introduction and the first three chapters
Chapter headings ff. 1v-7r:
ff. 7r-13v:
الباب الاول في كليات هذا العلم والمدخل اليه
ff. 13v-24v:
الباب الثاني في القوانين الجامعة لاحوال المفردات والمركبات
ff. 24v-218v:
الباب الثالث في ذكر ما تضمن الباب الثاني اصوله المفردات والقرابادينات عني التركيب المتنوعة
Notes ff. Ir-IIr:
several poems, some of them written in the form of the tawshīḥ
f. 1r:
title of the work; shortened form of the author’s name
entry dealing with writing on metal
proverb saying that one should protect one’s body from sin rather than pain because of fear of hellfire on the Last Judgement
prescription of a medicament prepared from lisān al-ʽuṣfūr to be put underneath the tongue
in the margin:
text corrections and representatives for the words highlitened in red within the text written in the copiyst’s hand
f. IIIr:
f. IIIv:
different entries on ink, among others a poem on its preperation
entry on the consummation of the marriage between Ḥasan and Fāṭimah on Friday, 21 Shawwāl 1300/25 August 1883
f. IVr:
love poem in the rhyme-letter ḥā’
twenty-five fragments between the pages:
fragments 1-3:
three pages of a printed exemplar of the Dalā’il al-khayrāt wa-shawāriq al-anwār fī dhikr al-ṣalāh ʽalá al-nabī al-mukhtār by Abū ʽAbd Allāh Muḥammad ibn Sulaymān al-Jazūlī (d. 870/1465, EI2 II/; GAL II/ S II/)
fragment 4:
testimony of Yaḥyá Abd Allāh ʽĀmir in a court case dated Rabīʽ II 1307/November-December 1889
fragment 5:
page from a Koran printed in 1282/ containing parts of an invocation and of the colophon
fragment 6:
one page with invocations and surah 2:255, surah 7:54-56
fragments 8-11:
four pages of a Koran MS containing surah 48:5-29
fragment 12:
letter on a property argument between two persons dated Rajab 1201/April-May 1787
fragment 13:
remnants of a list and of a letter from Mālik ʽAṣī al-ʽAlāmah Aḥmad to Ḥamad informing him of the arrival of someone
fragment 14:
entry on a lover's sickness and the comparison of the loved one with the moon
fragment 15:
entry on the conclusion of a marriage contract dated Rabīʽ II ?97
fragment 16:
remnants of a price list
fragment 17:
entry on henna and fennel (shamār)
fragment 18:
difficult to read
fragment 19:
page fragment of a printed Koran
fragment 21:
page fragment with basmalah, ḥamdalah among others
fragment 22:
entry on al-Wālid ʽAbd Allāh’s selling of a cow to ʽAlī Ḥusnī al-Ḥājj
fragment 23:
three magic squares
fragment 24:
invocations, on the curing of pains and diseases by reciting certain surahs of the Koran
fragment 25:
crossed through sales contract dated Muḥarram 1314/June-July 1896
poem on the fourth caliph ʽAlī ibn Abī Ṭālib
Further copies Alexandria, Municipal Library (Ziedan) I/no. 49
Berlin (Ahlwardt) no.
Gotha (Pertsch I) no. 2009, 2084
Leiden (Voorhoeve) 352
Leiden (Witkam) no. 14.187
London, British Museum, Suppl. (Rieu) no.
London, India Office (Loth) no. 793
Madrid, Escorial (Derenbourg) no. 837
Milan, Ambrosiana II/no. 142/3
Munich (Aumer I) no.
Paris (Vajda) 650
Princeton, Garrett Collection (Mach) no. 4778
Qom, Kitābkhānah-i ʽumūmī-i Āyat Allāh Marʽashī no. 4583
Al Taif, Library of Abdullah Ibn Al Abbas (Othman Mahmoud Hussein) 379
Teheran, National Library (Abdollah Anwar) IX/no. 1042
Editions Beirut 1996, 1999
Būlāq 1282/
Cairo 1294/1877, 1302/, 1306/, 1308/, 1309/, 1324/, 1342/, 1926, 1952
Egypt 1877, 1935, 1982
Translations English part translation:
The nature of the drink kauhi, or coffe, and the berry of which it is made described by an Arabian phisitian: Oxford: Henry Hall 1659
Physical description
Number of volumes 1
↳ Material Oriental brown leather binding with fore-edge flap, envelope flap and stamped central almond-shaped medallions
↳ State of preservation completely restaured
Writing material  
↳ Material paper
↳ Colour white
↳ Watermarks e.g. ff. 43-46, 51-57, 59, 62, 71, 87, 89-103, :
tre lune
f. 74:
mandorla filled with crescent
e.g. ff. , :
three letters, two of them A and G
↳ State of preservation thick; smooth; different kinds of paper some fluffy other ones with chain and laid line pattern; leaf edges frayed and torn; ink, mildew and water stains; slightly worm-eaten; missing parts of some pages replaced
Number of folios I-II, 218, III-V
Dimensions varying: 22-23 x 16-16.5 cm
Text area varying: 17-18 x 10-13 cm
Number of lines varying: 22-33
Catchwords sporadic
↳ Style Naskh
↳ Ink black
↳ Characteristics ordinary handwriting; small; densely written; round; scrawly; headings larger and in red; some headings set within black outlined cartouches
Author of record Wiesmueller
Location University Library of Leipzig
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